what is react or react.js


React.js is an open-source library for building user Interfaces. It is not a framework and fully focuses on UI responsible for building rich User Interfaces.

Reach has a rich ecosystem and places really well with other libraries to building full fletch applications.

Why learn to react.js?

  • React was created and maintained by facebook
  • Huge community power
  • Easily debugging and solving problems through react community, StackOverflow and so on.
  • It is also a demanding skillset right now for a job.

Features of react.js

  • Component-based Architecture.
  • React is declarative

Component-Based Architecture

Create a component and use it again and again(reusable).

React is declarative

Tell to React what you want and how it looks and the behavior of react components. React will build the actual UI.
React will handle efficiently updating and rendering of the components.
DOM updates are handles gracefully in React.

More on why react.js?

  • Seamless integrate reacts to any of our applications.
  • A portion of your page or a complete page or even an entire application itself.
  • React community creates the brand new React Native for mobile application.


  • HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Javascript ES6 added advantage.
  • Node.js packages

I hope this post will helpful for you to understand the React.js. All the best for your work!