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spawn EPERM at ChildProcess.spawn (internal/child_process.js:407:11) at Object.spawn (child_process.js:553:9)

How to clear spawn EPERM at childProcess.spawn error in angular.

Find the import statement in your whole project “ctrl + shift + F” in your terminal and search.

import { $ } from ‘protractor’;

If you find the above import protractor in your angular project, the child process of angular gets an error. Because you using “$” for jquery.

import { $ } from ‘protractor’ => it is used for end to end testing for angular application. so both get a conflict in your application. Remove the above code and instead add

Declare var $:any;

Remove this line => import { $ } from ‘protractor’;
Add this line => Declare var $:any;
Then run the project.


If there is no protractor in your project. All code is fine then,
Go to System Configuration in your windows

System configuration => General

Set to the normal setup and go to services

System Configuration => Services

Enable all services and click on Apply. It will prompt you to restart your computer. Just restart and check the now the error came. If issue clear comment below. Sharing the knowledge is the best thing! Thanks for reading.

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