Basics of python tutorial 2

Open your PyCharm or your favorite IDE. Click to create a new project and name your project.

Give your project name and check the base interpreter has the current version. If you need another version, you can select the other version from the list.

Create a first python program

Name your file. In my case

Now let’s start to learn the code first.

How to console or print the value in the python

file name:

print('Hi! welcome to helperscript');

print(data) => print function helps to print or console in terminal output. It is used to identify whether the data passed are correct or incorrect.

data => you can pass data that you want to output. When your data is a string. String declaration with a single quote or either double quote.

Eg: print(“hello”) is equal to print(‘hello’)
Then Run the file from the menu Run. It will show configuration settings. As of now we just run the file. So just click on the app.

After Run the file. The below terminal will open and show the output like below.

output in console python

Python code gets executed line by line from the top.

Print the string with the multiplication

file name:

print('Hi! welcome to helperscript')
print('*' * 5)
output of print(‘*’ * 5)

In python, the String data type can be generated and printed multiple times with an asterisk.

So the python is powerful for AI, Automation, desktop application, and web application. 

Let us see more new topics in python in the next article. Go to the menu of Python and find the next tutorial for continuation…